Gluten Free Baked Potato Soup They'll Love

Nothing wards of the last of winter like warm hearty soup. There are many benefits to sending homemade soup to school for lunch like: being able to keep it warm in a thermos, giving your child a healthy dose of vegetables to equal that needed 3-5 servings daily. But what kind of vegetables can you get them to eat?
Hot Potato, Hot Potato
One of the vegetables that has gotten a bad rap for the past few years is potatoes. But potatoes are highly nutritious, and not only filling, but also comforting while being beneficial to your family's health. Raw white potatoes lower blood pressure and have soluble fiber content, they are also high in Vitamin C, 20% of daily B6, including high Potassium, Iron, and Copper.

My mother makes a Southern Potato Soup which is incredibly simple! We just adapted it to gluten free and our little R.O.C.K. Star eats it like there's no tomorrow. The best part is we can make it ahead of time and freeze it if need be for future servings.

She often asks for seconds and you can add to the nutritious value by throwing in a little fresh kale or leeks chopped up to give an added punch without them even knowing how good it is for them. You could add carrots and peas if they like that or even bell pepper and corn for a Southwestern version.

Be as creative as you like and experiment to get them to try new tastes:-)

Gluten Free Southern Baked Potato Soup

6 white potatoes
1 medium onion or leek
2 tablespoons of butter

Peel and cut potatoes and onion into chunks.

Cover with water and about butter. Boil on medium heat until potatoes are tender about 20 - 30 minutes.

Now you need to make your roux base or soup thickener which is a creamy milk base. Not hard to make but it is much better than just corn starch - trust me. 

Soup Thickener
Fry 3 to 4 pieces of natural salt pork. Health conscious people would say salt pork is bad for you. However, I have family members that lived to be over 100 years old and ate it in lieu of meat sometimes. But the salt pork can be deleted and substituted with 4 bacon strips which we crumble in after cooking

Add 1/4 cup of Rice Flour, Salt and Pepper, and stir until mixed with drippings. This is like making gravy, but do not brown it.
Add about 1 Cup of Milk and Heat. It should then thicken into a white sauce.
Immediately add to Cooked Potatoes/Onion mixture, and allow to simmer until ready to eat.
It will thicken, and if you need to add any more liquid, just add more milk.

Serve with grated cheese, chopped green onions, bacon bits, etc. on top.
Great with corn bread or corn muffins.

Gluten Free Fruit Smoothies For Kids ROCK!

Most kids love smoothies - And most adults don't mind them either.
Because nothing soothes and is naturally sweet like a frozen fruit smoothie.
But smoothies give you the opportunity to give your R.O.C.K. Stars something way more nutritious and healing than the average one you can buy at a store.

How much fruit does your child need?
The human body needs at least 2-4 servings of fruit a day along with the other building blocks that make up a nutritious diet. You can freeze many fruits like blueberries and ripe bananas which make them perfect for smoothie making:-)

It's nuts but true...
We also need nuts; although it was thought they were too high in fat for years. Today, research tells us differently. Nuts are a powerhouse of of good nutrition, packed with protein, fiber, monounsaturated fats, vitamin E, folic acid, magnesium, copper, and antioxidants. And they help reduce the risks of heart disease and diabetes and help control weight. Walnuts are loaded with omega3 fatty acids like salmon is which are excellent for our bodies.

Those who have gluten intolerances and especially Celiac Disease can be deficient in:

  • Folic Acid

  • Iron

  • Vitamin A

  • Vitamin D

  • Vitamin E

  • Vitamin K

  • Zinc
So it is of utmost importance that our R.O.C.K. Stars get at least 1.5 ounces every day of heart healthy nuts like walnuts, peanuts, almonds, pecans, hazelnuts and pistachios.

What about yogurt?
If you don't have an issue in digesting yogurt, it can be a very healing ingredient in the intestinal tract. Scientists have studied this fact since 1907 and the addition of probiotics in yogurts double those healing properties in soothing irritable bowels. But not all yogurt is Gluten free unfortunately.
What does paying a premium for added probiotics do?

Health Benefits of Probiotics 

  • Studies have found that probiotics may improve nutrient bioavailability, for B vitamins, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, magnesium and phosphorus, among others.

  • Pediatric studies have found that certain strains (such as Lactobacillus GG, found in Culturelle capsules) may aid in significantly decreasing the rate of acute diarrhea and rotavirus shedding. Parents also reported a 25% decrease in diaper rash among babies drinking formula containing probiotics.

  • Probiotics and active bacteria culture may improve lactose intolerance. The bacterial strain commonly used in yogurt can produce lactase enzymes. Therefore, people with lactose intolerance and children suffering from intestinal infection can usually tolerate yogurt with an active culture.

  • Some studies have shown that by regulating intestinal transit time, probiotics improve constipation.

  • Other studies have shown that probiotics, especially acidophilus, promote the growth of healthy bacteria in the colon and reduce the conversion of bile into carcinogens (cancer-causing substances).

  • Some studies have found that probiotics may enhance immunity by regulating lymphocytes and antibodies
We buy Stonyfield Organic Vanilla Yogurt with added probiotics which can be found in Harris Teeter and other grocery stores. I usually add lemon juice, vanilla extract or orange juice to the yogurt to flavor them slightly and add extra yumminess for my Celiac child.

 Smoothies can pack ALL that nutrition into one single snack or meal!
Makes me want to drink one right now. We also have a popsicle tray and if there is any excess when I make out smoothies, I make popsicles with it:-)
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