Making Gluten Free Lunches Can Be Creative

One of the single biggest challenges to living gluten free and having children who are is the school lunch menu. Parents struggle with making quick and yet super nutrition packed choices.

This week, the website GOOD held a contest for great school lunch ideas even if they weren't necessarily gluten free. We loved the results in big color pictures to give you an idea of how other parents are creating meals which are healthy.

Click here to see the article and results of their contest: Make a Student Lunch Contest: Submissions!
Click here to see the second batch of lunches with pictures: Make a Student Lunch Contest: More Submissions!
Because sometimes all we need is the spark of a creative idea.

Don't be afraid to step out on a limb and remember to always include your little ones in making their lunches. We have found it to be true that if they help make their food, they are twice as likely to try new alternatives.