Gluten Free Soul Food - Pay It Forward

Every time I am out shopping for our gluten free diet, I run into someone in the gluten free section who looks lost and unsure. Especially when I am in the Healthy Home Market or Earthfare here locally, I see the same lost individuals and I try to help them every time. Yesterday I came home late because I took a lady on a tour through the whole Healthy Home Market on a gluten free school lunch alternatives shopping mission.

Her son is 16 and newly diagnosed. I knew because she had the same look I had on my face when Doodle got diagnosed - Sheer confusion. I asked her if I could help her find anything. She read me the ingredients for a gluten free saltine cracker recipe and then she opened up and told me her son's story.

So I start recommending products...and then I am telling her to follow me...and next thing you know she is standing there hugging me before I try to depart after grabbing a few of my things. I didn't care to realize that I had in fact missed two of my own shopping items out of losing my focus - But that hug and look of relief on her face was worth the extra 40 minutes added onto my day triple fold. That's what I call "Soul Food".

Soul Food is that feel good feeling we get in helping another human being not have to struggle as hard as we have. It's the knowledge that helping others gets appreciated and is worth the effort.
Soul food is also when you make someone smile who might have worn a frown - Even if it is just because all you did was listen.
Soul Food happens when you recognize yourself in someone else and can be there to comfort them so they are not alone.
Soul Food is why support groups work.
And the greatest part is Soul Food is not only fat free but it fills you up and lasts a long time:-)

So, next time you see a parent struggling through the transition of gluten free while shopping - Reach out and lend them a helping hand. I promise the rewards will far outweigh the convenience lost.