Holiday Leftover Gluten Free School Lunch Idea

Hope your GF school year is going well. It gets boring about this time of year when they have eaten everything on your usual lunch box menu over and over and over again!

In the R.O.C.K. Diner we posted a recipe and pictures of the easiest GF quiches we had ever made.
When I made the first crust I had enough dough to make into 2, 4" round pie crusts and make mini quiches!
Seizing the opportunity for making a healthy, quick heat up lunch which could be frozen and reheated in a safe microwave;-)

Here they are:

GF Mini Quiches in 4" rounds made with xtra sharp cheddar cheese, broccoli, & Applewood smoked bacon

You can use the recipe found here: After Holidays GF Quiche
Bon Appetit!