Pre-Made Gluten Free Pizza Just Got Better

Since we have been gluten free, I have tried making pizza crusts and have bought pre-made pizza crusts to try them out in comparison.
The following is a review of them in our family's opinion (Granted we can be kind of picky because homemade is usually always better):

Picture from Kinnikinnick website
Kinnikinnick Personal Pizza Crusts - Seem to be a little too much dough for a pre-made crust that should be thin. The unmistakable "gluten free taste" lingered after which seems hard to pay almost $9.00 for.

Rustic Crust makes pizza crusts and flatbreads. They recently came out with a gluten free crust found in the refrigerated section of your local organics store the Healthy Home Market. The big selling point with these is that they include chia seed, a super protein nutrient which makes them higher in nutritional value. Unfortunately, the ones we have bought have cracked and still taste sort of cardboard like with a chewy texture.

Of course Glutino Pizza Crusts are available and are so-so on taste for a frozen premade option - Much better than Annie's though and never mind Conte's Gluten Free Cheese Pizza which is absolutely lack luster in taste and texture.
How does that look to you?

One of our members said she wanted to try Udi's Gluten Free Baked Goods. The company is a dedicated gluten free bakery and cafe in Denver Colorado reknowned for having unbelievably good bread and muffins. They have also recently added a pre-made pizza crust that is by far the best we have tried. The following picture is what our Udi Pizza looked like after cooking...

Here is just one of the rave reviews about Udi's pizza crusts: Review of Udi's
They are a definate plus when you want a night of not cooking a whole meal or as a lunch alternative.

We will be having a R.O.C.K. Pizza Party in March thanks to Udi's - So stay posted and come to the party for a taste test:-)