Kids Love To Make Gluten Free Kabobs For Lunch

Kabobs are a fantastic way to use dinner left-overs for a school lunch box the next day. Those living gluten free have a plethora of things they can eat like: fruits, meats, and vegetables in their natural state before processing.

Gluten Free Meat Kabobs
The great thing about being gluten free is that instead of using processed luncheon meat you get to use home cooked natural meats. Grilling season is upon us and lunch boxes can be happier for a change of pace by using grilled chicken breast or even steak. I usually grill one extra breast or steak intended for that use.

The next day, you can just use a wooden skewer and place the washed vegetables out on the chopping block for them to assemble their own Gluten Free Meat Kabob with what they like. This gives children a bit of say so in their own creation and a sense of excitement about eating:-)

Gluten Free Vegan Kabobs
Nothing is a nutritious side dish like raw fresh veggies or grilled ones placed as an accompaniment to lunch. We do the same assembly method to make these and send them on their way maybe with a dipping sauce or hummus.

Gluten Free Fruit Kabobs
Seasonal fruit makes the perfect accompaniment in a lunch box and when assembled by kids, they have fun and get the fruits they want that day. You can even use bits of fruit leather which is usually gluten free and lends a bit of fun to the kabob. Or marshmellows to make a fruit salad with a sweet kick for dessert.

Perhaps your children could make an assortment of kabobs to have their own kind of fondue themed lunch.I even get a bit creative and use grilled pineapple with pork chop cubes, kind of a sweet & sour taste combo...the sky is the limit if you just let your children's creativity lend for a more fun and interactive cooking experience.

Studies show that if they get involved in making their own lunch - they will be 9 times more likely to try something new:-)